Have you thought of earning extra income while you’re travelling? or meeting travellers around the world while you’re staying at home? You know I am not talking about working holiday or being a local tour guide. As a traveller, you must heard of it but you might not have tried it before. Yes, you’re right. I am talking about Airbnb.

People all over the world are renting their spaces on Airbnb. After all these years, Airbnb (like Uber) no longer needs to tell you their benefits, because the community will spread the words. Let’s hear what Airbnb hosts say.



Their words have touched my heart.

[Tweet “We use the money that we earn on Airbnb for travel.”] [Tweet “The money I earned from Airbnb allows me to spend more time with him”] [Tweet “I like to host because it helps me practice my English”]

If you haven’t tried it, NOW is the time to get started.

If you have used Airbnb before, share your experience or tips with us!