Delta flight attendants are serving 180 million global customers. Bring personalization to such a huge customer base is a extremely challenging task. Luckily, we have technology.

Introducing GST (Video)

Delta GST

Good news: Introducing “The Guest Service Tool” 

Starting today, 22000 Delta flight attendants will be empowered with an innovative new tool on their handheld phablet devices called “The Guest Service Tool” (GST)

See how Delta’s Senior Vice President of In-Flight Service Allison Ausband describe GST:

Having technology at their fingertips to identify and greet customers by name, highlight a customers’ (SkyMiles) Medallion status, address disruptions in their travel in real-time as well as a host of other opportunities means the world’s finest flight attendants can provide an even more exceptional customer experience.”


This is certainly a great leap forward in the airline industry to provide personalized services to more customers (even economy class). We are expecting more airlines adopting technology innovations to raise their customer service to the next level. After all, that’s how airlines differentiates  themselves.

At Gen Y Travel, we believe [Tweet “When Travel meets Technology, Everyone wins.”]

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And what kinds of personalized services are you expecting the airlines to offer in the future?

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Bonus Video – Delta’s new safety video (Enjoy!)

Source: Delta