In this series, we will uncover awesome tools to boost your productivity, smoothen your blogging process, save your time, get more traffic and increase your followers. In short, we want to make your life easier and let you travel even more.


The first tool we introduce here in [Awesome Tools for Travel Bloggers] series is “CoSchedule”.


What is CoSchedule?

It is a drag-and-drop editorial calendar that combines your content, blog posts, and social media in one place. It’s an easy, beautiful and powerful tool.
To learn more, check out the video below.

How CoSchedule works for travel bloggers?

Manage Multiple Websites

If you are blogging at multiple sites, this feature is a huge time-saver for you. You can ‘connect’ to the sites that you are blogging at and manage them at one place.

Connect your websites

Manage Multiple Social Media Platform

Your audiences are from a diverse background. They love different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr and Google+ . You have to be where your audience is. Most bloggers (including us) do not use every platform. CoSchedule allows you to manage all your social accounts within CoSchedule App, using the same interface, such that you can publish to all social platforms without getting lost.

CoSchedule social

Connect your social profiles

Plan ahead and take a break

You love travelling. Although you are a blogger and carry your MacBook everywhere, there are exceptions. Sometimes you just want to unplug and avoid ‘working’. Sometimes you have to unplug because of poor internet connection. However, you don’t want to leave your followers behind and not updating your blogs for weeks. The only thing you have to do is to plan your blog/social media posts ahead. CoSchedule will automatically help publish your scheduled post accordingly.

Why are we choosing CoSchedule?

We heard about Coschedule recommended by many for quite some time, but we were not considered ourselves as a heavy user back then, so we manually scheduled our blog posts and social media posts. At first, we were not sure how CoSchedule could change our workflow. Until last month, we decided to launch a new website and together with CoSchedule’s increasing popularity among bloggers and editors, we decided to give it a try and signed up for the 14-day free trial.

So how was it?

It rocks! We fell in love with this amazing tool since the first day we tried. Here are 7 reasons why we are loving it.

  • Huge time saver
    • Schedule all our social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) without logging in each account one by one
  • Beautiful user interface
  • One-click export to WordPress
  • Built-in Analytics
    • View ‘Top posts’ and ‘no. of shares’ instantly
  • Extremely user-friendly
    • Nice walkthrough and tutorials for every feature

CoSchedule Walkthrough

  • Integration with Google Docs, Evernote, Google Analytics and more
  • Great customer support
    • My enquiry got answered within 24 hrs

Case Study

Eddie is 28. He quitted his 9-5 accounting job 2 years ago and became a freelance photographer and travel blogger. He has travelled to 25 countries and his goal is 100. He loves sharing his thoughts and photos to inspire more people to step out of the comfort zone. He has established his own social profile (Facebook Page) and a personal website (WordPress), with thousands of followers.

With more travel experience, he has more thoughts to share. He wants a better-organized blog and a systematic workflow. At the same time, he found that the Facebook ‘reach rate’ is getting lower and lower. The growth rate of the website traffic is getting flat. He wants a hassle-free solution to get more traffic and increase the no. of followers.

Eddie told his friend Maggie (marketing expert) about his situation. He was recommended to use CoSchedule and decided to Give it a try.

Wrapping Up

After the 14-day free trial, we decided to upgrade to the “Marketing” Plan, simply because we are loving it. CoSchedule becomes one of the must-have tools for us. We think the time we saved is much more valuable than the cost we paid. In short, “Worth-it”.

Useful Link

FREE-trial – Don’t listen to us. Try by yourself!
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