The Marriott and Chase surveyed over 1000 of their Rewards credit card customers to see how they anticipate the Future of Travel by 2030.

While some results are close to what we expected, some still seem impossible in today’s thinking.

As Expected:

  • Paper passports will move to digital devices
  • Face recognition technology will replace passports
  • Eco-Travel destinations will become popular choices

Impossible for now? (Yes, but we’re talking about 2030):

  • Transatlantic trains
  • Space Travel
  • Flying Cars
  • Underwater hotels


GYT Infographic Weekly #2


source: Marriott Rewards


Wrap Up

What’s more interesting to us is that 35% believe space will be a possible destination. That’s quite a big number. Will Marriott or other hotel chains expand their business to space?

While the year 2030 is still a long way to go, these findings could help hotels and other players in the travel industry to know more about the expectations of the modern travellers and take corresponding actions now.

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