In our ‘Smart Traveller’ series, we have introduced the smart suitcase – Bluesmart and the world’s best travel jacket – The Baubax Travel Jacket. This week, we are going to share a revolutionary travel backpack with you.


Introducing RiutBag – Backwards backpack for secure city travel.

RiutBag only has zips against your back. It’s perfect for secure urban travel. If safety is your concern, this backpack is for you.




Two Colours, Two Sizes

RiutBag R10 is a super slim city backpack and R15 is a 15-litre day backpack, both available in black and grey.

ruit info


ruit info R15


Now available to order on Kickstarter

First Impression + Review

(Disclaimer: I haven’t tried the product yet.)

I am a digital nomad. I travel around with my laptop. I really like the idea of zips against my back.

I have travelled to more than 40 countries, mainly in Europe and Southeast Asia. To me, safety is my top priority. I have come across some unpleasant situations in person.  From my travel experience in high-risk countries such as Spain, Italy, Vietnam, I usually put all my important stuff (passport, smartphone, cash, ID, credit cards) into a small bag and carry in front of my body. It looks stupid, but I know it works for me. At that time, I was hoping for an affordable, good-looking and well-designed backpack that truly understand travellers’ needs.

When I first heard about Riut, I’m saying ‘Finally there is a backpack designed by travellers, for travellers.’ I can’t wait to try it for my next trip to those high-risk countries.

Wrap Up

There are many cases of stuff being stolen ever day. We need to be alert when we travel. Meanwhile, we need more revolutionary products to help us protect our belongings such that we can ‘Enjoy more, Worry less’. RiutBag has done a good job. We are hoping to see more well-designed products for travellers in the future.