We have seen more and more Kickstarter campaigns targeted tech-savvy travellers. In previous weeks, we have covered the smart suitcase, backpack for secure travel and the All-in-one travel jacket. Today, we would like to introduce a product for digital nomad, business travellers, designers, photographers or anyone who brings laptop while travelling but thinks the screen too small.

Introducing SlideN’Joy

Today, I have learnt a new word – LAPTOBILITY, which is defined as the laptop’s ability to work/play/do whatever you want in a perfect mobility. Belgium-based startup SlideN’Joy’s goal is to increase our laptobility, or triple it. Let’s take a look at how it works.

First Impression + Review


  • Triple screen size – Increase productivity
  • Enhanced Interactions – Share 2nd/3rd screen to your clients or friends
  • Light Weight – Without adding much weight, you can triple your screen size. How amazing it is!


  • Cost – Products with good quality comes with a high price tag
  • Weight & Size – Although it’s light, but still consume space and add weight to your backpack.

It all depends on how you work on the road, and your need for a bigger screen.

Wrap Up

Having a big screen is certainly one of the most-wanted features for most users. At GenYTravel, I always work with a big 27″ screen when I’m not travelling. It’s not only a huge time saver but also good for my eyes. However, I knew that it’s impossible to carry a big-screen laptop on the road because it’s heavy. Until now, gone are the days to strike a balance between productivity and mobility. You have more choices now. SlideN’Joy could possibly change the way we work if they deliver what they promised. Some also suggest using the app ‘Duet’ to turn your iPads to your second screen. As the market is big and the demand is huge, there are a lot of potentials for this kind of products and apps to grow exponentially. Let us know how you think.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t tried the product yet.)

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