When you start planning for a travel, you may feel safe planning every single detail beforehand, choosing a guided tour, reading every single book and article out there.

While most would go for this fast-paced organized trip, I rather advise a slow trip. Forget the casual way: booking excursions, deciding everything ahead and following the guide. There is something way more interesting during trips that you may certainly miss: Yourself.

Sometimes it’s not important to see every touristic attraction out there, following the guide that only shows you what he wants and takes you to places he knows. What is more interesting is to make your own travelling path. Go out of touristic paths, allow yourself to see what YOU want to do, not through the lenses of authors and travellers or guides. (It’s okay to get inspired but allow yourself to try too)

5 tips to make your own and unique travel experience

  • If you really want to get a feel of the pulse of a place, slow down, it’s okay to sit and watch life, how locals interact, and the ambiance of a place. (And no, it’s not a waste of your precious travel time).

Use only a map. Walk more and ask around. You will understand better the place and its people. Allow yourself to get lost; sometimes you discover great places and great people around that wrong corner

Be sociable don’t hesitate to talk to people even if you don’t understand very well the local language (Don’t get turned off by a few of bad experiences as it can give you more self-confidence)

Eat, dress, and behave differently. Give yourself the chance to discover a new side of you.

Stop the fears from restraining you. Don’t be afraid as most of the fears reside in one’s mind.

Wrap Up

Well, making your own and unique trip is much rewarding as it makes you passionate, less tired and already planning for the next trip!




Traveler-Architecture student My dream is to travel around the world but until then I travel through books.