How much Vacation Time do you spend on WAITING?

Don't waste your time.
Have you ever queued up for hours in order to visit a “Must-See” attractions and found out that it doesn’t worth queueing at all? 




Stop wasting your time

Even if the attractions are worth going, you don’t need to queue up every time. Thanks to the internet, there are something called “Online Tickets”. Book online and skip the lines!


Search for Alternatives

Time is limited. It’s important to make good use of your time during your trip. Let your journey be memorable, relaxing, or exciting but not frustrating.

– Go where you want to go instead of following the guidebooks.

– Staying away from the crowd usually means getting away from the tourist traps.

– Travel like a local, get to know the culture, expect the unexpected.

Here’s a great infographic by GetYourGuides, showing you what you can do if not waiting.

Enjoy Every Moment!