1. Take Budget Airline

You could not imagine how cheap the ticket price of a budget airline is. Sometimes the ticket price could be zero and you just need to pay the taxes. If you choose a budget airline, air tickets will no longer be the major concern about the cost. There is a growing number of budget airlines operating all over the world, covering most of the destinations. Pick the one with the good reputation and you won’t be disappointed.

2. Do not travel in peak season

If you do not want to scarify the comfortability by choosing the budget airline, you could still travel in a budget way with 5-star Airlines like Singapore Airline, Cathay, Qatar, Emirates etc. Other than the peak season, there are actually a lot of air tickets promotions throughout the year.

3. Stay at hostels / friend’s place

Besides air tickets, accommodation is probably the most expensive elements in your budget. Try to ask if your friends could provide a spare room or a sofa for you to sleep. If not, staying at hostel is also a great choice for travellers. You could meet a lot of friends if you are outgoing. Do not worry too much about safety, just keep your belongings locked when you are out. I stayed at over 50 hostels and most people I came across are very nice and friendly.

4. Try the local food

Many tourists miss the food in their home country on the second day of the trip. We don’t. Local food is always the best value for money for budget travellers and I will try to order local food for every meal.

5. Control your budget for shopping

Many people overspent because of buying too many unnecessary items. Do you really need an extra suitcase for cosmetic products or clothes? I know it is cheap, but if you are not going to make money from it (e.g. trading), think twice or you will regret when you get back to your tiny room at home.

Wrap Up

Remember, you could travel more with the same budget. Following these 5 rules enable me to travel on a budget to over 100 cities.

I am sure all GenYTravel readers have your own ways to travel smart. Please let us know in the comments!