I can’t believe that there are still some people who don’t know the very existence of the tourism office, as it’s a must to get trustworthy information about a country or a city whatever the purpose of the travel is; which can help build the travel itinerary.

So first what is a tourism office?

The tourist information office is an office available by the country or the city that makes suggestions on travel, accommodation, transport and local activities. It gives tips to tourists for FREE. These offices are mainly created to promote all types of tourism within a specific place by providing consequently the different types of advices depending on everyone needs.

How to contact a tourism office?

You can contact these offices via phone, via email or online on their website portal. You can also visit them directly.

Here are some tips when dealing with tourism offices:

1. The most important thing is to get there early: If you need to visit directly a tourism office, then do so as early as possible, because no one has the time for long lines.

2.Get your free map: The local tourism office provides a free simplified map of the region with the main attractions, roads and monuments to visit.

3. Ask about what YOU like to see: The office always try to advertise a specific transportation card or a touristic pass but they are able to provide some local advice as well as the cheapest deals when asked. So, depending on what information you need during your travel or simply your interests (whether it’s arts, architecture, science…etc.) ask them for related activities. (The best way to go somewhere, what’s the cheapest transport plan and is it worthy to visit a specific place or not and so on).

4. Ask the Tourism Office for the cultural agenda: Tourism offices provide information about next events so make sure to get the events agenda. Ask them also for what future events are the worthiest to go to.

And my favorite tip is: Visit foreign Tourism Offices

Look for foreign tourism offices in your country or in a country you’ll visit. It helps to get some detailed information about transport, attraction and accommodations about countries you’re going to next.  So check them out!