Best Handheld iPhone Stabilizers

You can now make your own movie

Have you ever taken videos with your iPhone while travelling? Did you find the video too shakey? If yes, it’s not your fault. It’s just because you don’t have the right tools – Introducing ‘Smartphone Stabilizers’.

In many cases, you take video with your smartphones without a tripod. Your hands will shake while moving your phone, not to mention when you are walking or on vehicles. With the advanced filming stabilizing technology, you can now take a smooth dynamic video. The 3-axis stabilizing technology is embedded in the latest handheld stabilizers. Professional videos could be made effortlessly with these handheld devices. Let’s take a closer look at The 3 Best Smartphone Stabilizers we covered in this post.

1. SwiftCam M3s


Easy to use, Beautifully designed, Connect with its own mobile app


Cannot be used with GoPro (Another model G3s is for GoPro)

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Check out the full specs and tutorials Swiftcam Official

2. Fly-X3 Plus by ikan

Fly-X3 Plus is also a popular smartphone stabilizer among iphoneographers. It enables you to create smooth and stable footage with its 3-axis active stabilization.


Supports GoPro (Hero 3&4) as well as large & small size Smartphones (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus)

Who's behind Fly X3 Plus

ikan Corporation specializes in the design and development of tools for video professionals, such as HD field monitors, studio/location lighting, camera support, teleprompters and more. Fly-X3 Plus OfficialFly X3 @ Photojojo Store

3. DSLR Pros

DSLR Pros Stabilizers was developed a while ago. If you don’t like the above brands, this one is for you.

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Which one is your favourite? What features do you want in their next model? Please comment below.