Your airplane ticket is bought but you still have to think of your transportation within the country visited and from it to another if needed. I have 3 hacks that can help you choose the right transport for your travel.

1. Check the cheapest means of transport

There isn’t a cheap universal mode of transportation; it all depends on the country or the city visited. For example, some cities boost their public transportation system while other ones offer free parking spots for motorbikes or for people who share cars. Therefore make sure to find the best and suitable method for you depending on the number of travellers, the distance considered and so on.

A wide range of transports is available to choose from:

-Long distances: Train, bus, car sharing…

-Short distances: Bus, taxi, metro, renting (Car, motorbike…), car sharing, bike…

Normally we forget the rent option that can be not only cheaper, especially if parking is free, but also saves time in traffic when renting a motorbike for example, you may however reconsider this if the parking places are limited or expensive.

Also, try to avoid the tourist transportation card unless it’s really advantageous. You can buy instead the plan that offers 2-days, 3-days or week-long unlimited passes for a whole range of public transports: metro, bus… It makes you save money and avoid having to buy a ticket every time.

Or simply do as locals do, as they are the experts in the cheapest plans.

2. Always look for deals and discounts

First make sure to book enough in advance to get the best transportation offers. Then make checking deal websites your traveller habit to find discounts, special promotions and cheap deals like night trains and buses, eco-trains…etc.

3. Invest more in accommodation

Try to find the nearby stay to most attractions you’re going to see, because sometimes you can save money in staying but lose more when transportation is way expensive. The solution is to book or rent the closest possible or at least find the cheapest combination to save in transports and time. You can then just walk around and bike.

How about you?

What are your transportation hacks? Share with us!