Who doesn’t like travel deals?

Especially if it gets you a great discount or makes you try something you wanted to try but couldn’t because it didn’t match your travel budget. However, these little discounts can sometimes get very tricky. Here are few ways to deal with these and avoid scams.

1. Use Incognito Tab

The first rule one should learn when buying tickets on internet in general and deals in specific is to use an incognito tab while checking prices. Some websites won’t show you the truly cheapest cost the more times you check and it just keeps rising. That way it makes it look like the deals are selling out fast and putting more pressure on you to buy.

2. Deal Conditions

Don’t focus only on prices but also check well the conditions and make sure the deal applies to you before taking it. For example, a ticket I bought was said to be delivered only once the whole discount tickets are sold (Yeah there are conditions like these). Thus, if you don’t want the deal to go past your travel days make sure to check these tricky details.

3. Hidden Reasons

Sometimes there is that inconvenient hidden reason behind such great deals: You’re okay to get the amazingly cheap 3am bus or train but in the other hand the location is really far away and the only mean of transport available is a taxi worth double what you saved. Therefore, always ask yourself if a discount is really worth it or simply plan well while taking these factors into consideration.

4. Pack scams

Packs always give the illusion of a deal but in fact it’s not always the case. Sometimes some pack deals have the same original addition price without any discount: This makes you buy more (and unnecessary) things thinking it’s cheaper. You can just compare the original price and make a quick addition to realize if the pack is worth the deal or not.

How about you?

Have you ever been scammed by a deal? And what are your measures when dealing with deals?