Airbnb is completely different from Hotels, even the way you book it.

Airbnb is nothing new our reader. You might have heard about it but not everyone tried it before. If you think ‘Airbnb’ is just a Buzz word, think again. There are  2 million hosts and 6 million travellers using Airbnb today. Airbnb will shape the future of travel industry. So if you are new to Airbnb and plan to give it a try during your next trip, this post is for you.

1. How to Search

Sign up for Airbnb
Finding your perfect place to stay is easy

2. How to Create a Wish List

Start by searching your DREAM destination

3. How to Contact your Airbnb Host

Don’t forget to download the Airbnb Apps. You can contact your hosts wherever you are.

4. How to Contact Airbnb

Profile > Help > click FAQ or Urgent Help

5. How to Book an Airbnb

Finally, it’s time to book! All fees are transparent.

6. How To Use Airbnb As A Guest

This is not an official video by Airbnb but filmed by AirbnbSecrets. Take a look!

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