Travelling is one of the amazing ways you can do to change yourself and the way you see the world.

It’s an intern rich experience and a very spiritual process, but it is also a very practical one needing preparation. As small details that we can find insignificant during normal days may become unpleasing and even a handicap during travel; here are 10 tips that can make the difference:

10. Check the place’s you’re visiting

If you are travelling by land try to avoid peak transportation days especially before and after holidays. Otherwise, if you’re travelling by plane, holiday days can be very useful and cheap.

9. Always carry an empty water bottle in your bag

The kind of plastic gym bottle for example. Always check it’s full. You can also fill it in public fountains. Having permanently water on you is so helpful in many situations.

8. Always wear your heaviest shoes and take your heaviest jacket in your hands while checking in the plane

Because no one wants to waste that precious space in the suitcase! You will spare much and you can use the jacket as a blanket or a pillow later if you need.


7. Always have tea bags with you

It is an incredible method for getting rid of smells if you happen to get an accident to something in your bag, or to give a bit of freshness to your worn shoes. Also slide a little bag of your favorite perfumed salt in your travel luggage: it will give it freshness and a good smell.

6. Control your backpack or handbag by not changing your belongings locations frequently

lf you get used to putting them in specific places you will become more organized, therefore unlikely to lose your things, forget them or get robbed (without even noticing).

5. Download offline maps


Just in case and always screenshot the map of places you need to go to.

4. Make sure you have notes or coins for smaller denominations of money

Are the bills you’ve got when exchanging currency are useful? Kind of silly question you may think? Actually no: sometimes ‘’high’’ bills are not used and you can get stuck with them. You wouldn’t have a problem with highly touristic areas but if you are off season or just going everywhere and buying from locals then make sure you have useful change.

3. Don't bring your new sneakers

You bought new sneakers for your next travel, as much as it sounds appealing don’t take them with you. If you are travelling and planning to do different walking activities then don’t buy new shoes, keep those you are already comfortable with, as you can get an unpleasant surprise. Some shoes can be comfortable only for a specific duration and then get very uncomfortable if it’s used longer. So try them out or simply take your usual ones.

2. Go to local supermarkets

For everyday meals go to local supermarkets and get provisions for the day: it’s cheaper and is more diverse and tasty. It also makes you try the taste of the place’s local products whether its cheese, fruits, vegetables…etc. Also, have a few camping essentials (knife, cup, plate…) and a hand sanitizer and you’re ready for the journey. It also makes you ready anytime to make a picnic anywhere you will like.

1. Take care of your skin during your travel

It’s easy to drop habits during travels so make sure not to forget your good routines especially taking care of your skin and health.

What are your little tips that make your travel easier?

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