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Review and Rating Platform is growing rapidly. People nowadays tend to read reviews before buying products, going to a restaurant, booking Airbnb, downloading apps, visiting a museum and making any kind of decisions. It is definitely a huge market.

There are hundreds of players around the world, targeting different industries and locations. Tripadvisor and various hotel booking sites dominate the travel market, whereas restaurant-review site like Yelp, Zomato, OpenTable, Openrice have a significant market share in their targeted locations. Amazon for digital product reviews, and there are thousands of sites and startups trying to tap into this market in different ways.

Google is one of the many who are trying to get people write reviews on their platform. It is surprising to see that Google fail to capture this market for the last decade. Google has everything needed to build an engaging user-generated content site: Talent (Engineer/UX Designer), Ecosystem (Google Maps, Google Drive, Android). A major reason for Google’s failure is users’ stickiness to current platform. Those users have already built up their own reputation on existing platform and they are not going to leave. And for those who are new to writing reviews, they will choose an established platform with lots of user-generated content. In this case, first-mover advantages are pretty significant. The same applies to Google+ vs Facebook & Twitter.

Until recently, Google announced the expansion of ‘Google Local Guides’ and giveaway 1TB for advanced reviewers. Check it out!

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