Culture is a very important part of any trip, therefore visiting museums, art galleries and various exhibitions is a must to get a wide view over the local aspects of human culture and sometimes, worldwide cultural and artistic treasures that can be a major part of the tourism offering.

Thus, if you simply plan to visit museums or you are an art addict preferring cultural attractions to shopping and restaurants then this guide is for you.

1. Know Your Timing

Every museum has an itinerary, and going through the most important exhibitions it displays takes a specific amount of time. Sometimes it’s very tricky and museums get unexpectedly entertaining and may take your whole day; so keep track of your time.

2. Ask Museum Staff

If you are limited by time during travel and can’t reserve a whole day for a specific exhibition, then enquire museum staff for the best itinerary to discover the museum: they will be able to show you the shortest way around the “must-see” exhibits.

3. Discover Unpopular Attractions & Museums

Sometimes some museums are only expensive and much promoted for nothing. While walking around I discovered some amazing museums and architecture places that you can’t find anywhere in the tourism office map and with very few tourists (mostly locals). For this reason I always advice walking around, as the city itself and its people are an outdoor museum, and keeping an eye out.

4. Enquire For Special Discounts

Even very famous museums offer discounts if you are a teacher, a senior, an art or architecture student…etc. Therefore, ask for the discounts available since staff doesn’t necessarily tell you beforehand. No one wants to miss a discount or even a free entry, so don’t forget to ask. Also make sure to carry that kind of identification around.

5. Know the FREE Days

Most museums offer free days, special discounts or free show nights. Before you go anywhere, make sure to go through the museum website to find out if they offer free visiting hours or special night shows with exclusive museum entry.  However you have to expect big crowds.


Hopefully these tips will help making your art trip a little bit cheaper and easier. I personally love going around different museums and exhibitions as they deliver a memorable cultural experience. So visit exhibitions selectively or just go see them all. Pay a ticket or get in free. At the end the valuable understanding of the different cultures is priceless.

What are your traveller tips when it comes to art and museums? I’ll be very curious to know so share with us ?