There’s no doubt that technology certainly has brought us countless innovations and more so in the future. We may overlook them often times but certainly one of the game-changing contributions in the industry are the numerous smartphone apps that make our daily lives easier within just a few taps.

In this day and age, your smartphones are as important as your passport when it comes to traveling. Before, we pack on loads of travel items that are essential to our journey. Today, travelers pack on useful apps to help make the most of their adventures.

No more packing extra pounds for bringing guidebooks and other materials for your travel. We now have ebooks for that, and smartphone apps.

From around your city to international destinations, these apps will surely make you feel more at ease than take away the fun in your explorations.

1. Currency

OfficialApp Store

Isn’t it confusing juggling your expenses when you’re always unsure of conversions and the like? If you plan on taking over the world one by one, this app will go handy along the way in terms of keeping track of your finances.

Sure there are plenty of similar apps on the market but what makes people prefer Currency is it features minimal advertisements. Another outstanding feature would be that it allows you to include over 10 different currencies of your liking.

No data access? No worries. Just be sure you have downloaded the currency of your choice while you still have access to the internet so it can still convert your currency without data. Oh, and the app is free on the Apple Store!

2. Tripcase


Are you always having troubles planning your itinerary days before your big adventure? There’s nothing you should worry about only if you download TripCase for it does the planning and organizing for you.

The app enable the users to live every moment of their adventures worry-free by offering a one-stop place for planning and organizing their trips. Have all your travel documents and other trip itineraries managed and organized in a single app.

3. Duolingo


There’s a reason why Duolingo is one of Apple’s best apps in 2013 and you’ll get to know why once you start to use it.

What’s so great about the smartphone app is it makes learning a new language fun and never boring; and it keeps it that way. The smartphone app utilizes exercises that will encourage you to listen, type and speak the words and phrases correctly.

The app is free for iOS and Android devices. You can download it as well on your desktops so there really aren’t excuses you can use to skip learning French or German. Start now!

4. Hopper

App Store

Looking for great airfare deals at a time can be really complicated more than it should be. Some of the airline websites aren’t that much user-friendly as well which can be a little discouraging especially if you’ve been going at it for too long.

Surely you want to know when’s the best day to purchase the cheapest airline tickets and have all the options offered in one table. Well, that’s what Hopper does. The software monitors airfare prices 24/7 and in advance.

You can leave the job to Hopper in watching over the trip prices for your next travel by enabling the “Watch a Trip” feature which alerts you when to better score the best fare.


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5. Google Maps

OfficalApp Store

We all could agree that Google Maps is by far the best navigating application to date and it’s an outright lifesaver. We all can share that one instance where Google Maps saved our trip; and that’s why it’s in this list.

The app essentially makes getting around places easier and faster. Use the navigation tool to show your taxi driver where you should be dropped or you can check it if your driver really is taking you to the place.

Gone are the days where the app is only available to use with data. Now, your long wish to have it accessible offline has been granted. While still connected to the internet, type in the search bar “ok maps” and feel free to save the maps for offline use.

6. BringFido


It’s hard to leave your fur baby behind and trail on adventures without them. It makes you constantly think whether or not they’re eating right at the dog boarding house or in your friend’s care. If only you could bring them with you and explore the world together.

Hold back your tears for BringFido helps you do just that. Take your dog to a dog-friendly beach, park and even restaurant. Get over inquiring on every hotel whether or not they’re pet-friendly. Go straight to BringFido and see where all the pet-friendly places and dog-friendly attractions are at on your next trip.

Waving for cabs isn’t really that stressful in cities you’re familiar with. Picture yourself in a situation where you’re in an unfamiliar destination with no knowledge of where taxis and public transits are, what do you do?

That’s where Uber comes in handy. With just a few taps, you can get a ride back to your hotel without trouble and probably at a cheaper cost! Another plus points, the app is generally known and works almost everywhere. Keep it in your smartphone for use and it could be one of the best apps you’d downloaded in years.

8.Trip Splitter

App Store

When traveling in groups, it sometimes gets a little out of hand when it comes to splitting up the bill and make ends meet. This is where Trip Splitter joins in to breezily solve this dilemma.

The app allows you to categorize and map all your expenses for better convenience, easy splitting and well-tracked spending. You may also attach photos of receipts just to be sure where your money went. In addition, it goes beyond since it can show you the amount of expenses and those who paid or owes — in any currency. So there’s no reason to possibly forget who owes who and such. Although the app costs $1.99, it’s worth it.

What’s your favorite travel app companion?

Share it with us!

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About Chie Suarez

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