Genius Travel Hacks 2016

Before enjoying a cold drink on a faraway beach or exploring a city in a foreign country, inevitably you will spend time planning each step of your vacation overseas, from booking flights to finding accommodation and figuring out exchange rates. If you’re a first time traveler, you could spend hours trying to find the best advice on everything from packing to finding the best accommodation deals. If you’re a seasoned traveler you might still struggle to find the latest relevant advice in the thousands of travel articles available online!

Travel insurance company Fast Cover aimed to cut through the mountains of online advice to find the hacks that can save travelers money and make the traveling experience easier. First, they gathered 500 of the most popular travel hacks and advice articles online and sorted them according to how widely shared they were across the web.

The most popular websites were then analyzed more closely to find the hacks to simplify traveling today.

The results are shown in an infographic which follows a journey many travelers will recognize. From the planning stages to returning home, the infographic gives some of the top tips travelers of all kinds can use to cut down on unnecessary spending and make traveling overseas easier.

The journey shown is divided into five stages:

booking your holiday, preparing yourself and packing, being in transit, exploring your destination and finally, returning home.

1. Save Cash When Booking

The first stage, booking your holiday, provides a combination of some well-known tips and a few many people may not have heard of. Trying an Airbnb or a hostel rather than a hotel to save money on accommodation has become a widely known tip, especially with the increasing popularity of Airbnb. But the infographic also suggests that you can find cheaper airfares on Tuesday, Wednesday or the weekend. By simply changing the date you fly to and return from your destination, could save some money. You might also find you are offered a cheaper fare if you delete your browser’s cookies and search history, as there is the possibility you’ll be shown higher airfares for flights you’ve previously looked up a number of times.

When it comes to travel insurance, travelers are reminded that shopping around is worth the time and effort. This is because the prices for policies with similar benefits can vary greatly between different insurers. Purchasing travel insurance early can also mean having cover for unexpected emergency cancellations, so that if you become sick or injured before traveling you can make a claim for lost deposits.

2. Prep Hacks

There are a number of easy ways to save money in the preparation stage of traveling. By simply suspending any memberships you have in place you can avoid wasting money. For example, you may be able to suspend your gym membership or pay TV subscription before you travel. Turning off message bank and data on your cell phone, or simply keeping it in airplane mode, is another simple way to avoid spending money. It is also important to remember to notify your bank of your travels so they don’t suspend your card when it’s used overseas.

Packing for a trip overseas can be daunting for many travelers. Rolling your clothes is one popular tip to ensure you use the space in your bag efficiently. Shoes can also serve as storage compartment for smaller items of clothing such as socks or electronics. A power board in your luggage can also prove useful overseas, as you can charge all of your devices at once.

3. Lost in Transit

The experience of waiting in transit can be improved with a few simple tricks. Always have a pen on you to fill in forms. Personalizing your luggage will make it easier to spot and carrying an empty water bottle will mean saving money on water in the airport.

4. Get Around Like A Local

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, withdraw cash at an ATM using your chosen travel money card to get a better exchange rate. Buying a local SIM card can make communicating much simpler and is a cheaper option to using global roaming. Offline maps can make finding your way around simpler (and you won’t have to carry a large map!) and if Uber is an option, it can be cheaper than taking a taxi.

5. Home Time Hacks

The day you start your journey home, ask for a late checkout so you can sleep in. Google also provides updates on flights so travelers can see if they are running on time. Finally, kick the post-travel blues by starting the plan for another holiday!

This blog post is proudly presented by Gen Y Travel in collaboration with Fast Cover.

About Fast Cover

About Fast Cover

Fast Cover is an Australian travel insurance company providing fast and simple cover to Australians of any age. They automatically cover 44 pre-existing medical conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and pregnancy up to and including the 23rd week. Cover is also provided for a range of adventure activities including bungee jumping and scuba diving. You can get an instant quote here.