Editor: We have shared 5 reasons why you should start exploring the world in your twenties in Part 1 of this article. If you haven’t read the article, here’s the link.

10 reasons to travel in your 20s (Part 2)

#6: You’ll learn how to handle money

As previously mentioned, traveling isn’t expensive; but it certainly isn’t too cheap either. One of the most handy skills you’ll acquire from your adventures is the way you masterfully handle your budget.

At home, you don’t really get to save as much since there’s the temptation to hit the bar with your friends, order a $25 meal or an overpriced latte. When you’re out there, you learn to stretch your budget as much as you can as it should make you days on the road.

#7: Conquer your fears

Afraid of flying? Not into riding boats? Terrified of being alone in different and far places?

You won’t get to your destination if you don’t conquer your fears and you will limit your experiences if you let these fears come in your way. Not only will the experience let you fight your fears but it will also let you try new and unusual experiences. Ride the habal-habal or skylab in the Philippines, try the snake wine in China or Vietnam or hike your way to Machu Picchu in Peru. You’ll never know if you enjoy it unless you try it.

#8: The world is a huge learning facility

Beyond the walls of a classroom, dividers of your office cubicle and past your borders, there are a lot more to see outside these walls and way past your own nation. Having the knowledge of different traditions and cultures over the world and being exposed to these first hand is a surreal experience.

Have endless of interesting, unique, meaningful and fun-filled stories to tell by learning all there is offered.

#9: You’ll grow as a person

You’ll learn how to do things your way. Also, the trip will open your eyes, heart, mind and soul to opportunities and experiences. You’ll discover what you want to do, what you don’t want to do and what you want to become. And ultimately…

#10: You’ll find yourself

Meet your genuine self and find out what you want to be throughout the epic journey. To put it simply, you leave as you were and come back as a far better person.

Your twenties is the time where the most amazing and unexpected things come in your way. Are you ready for the ultimate and life-changing adventure of your lifetime, meet new people and pack on a whole lot of unforgettable experiences?

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