5 enchanting ways travel ignites creativity


JULY, 2016


From 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how stressed do you feel right now? Also, when was the last time you took a break from all of it and surround yourself with a different environment?


In this day’s fast-changing world where the demand is high and a diminishing time, breaks are rarely taken; stress starts to build up soon after.

A quick break away from your daily tasks, work obligations and day-to-day hustle will enable you to restart fresh with more ideas in your pocket, tricks up your sleeve and a more efficient and better physical and mental health.

1. Travel stimulates the mind

Because of the same routine you perform in a daily basis (i.e. wake up at 7AM – go to work – accomplish tasks – go home – sleep; repeat), chances are your mind no longer produces a heavy flow of creative juices as much as before you started this routine.

Plus, with the fixed and busy schedule you have, you can only find little to no time to exercise your brain through reading and the likes of it.

Your brain is influenced by your environment. The longer you stay in one place, the less it is stimulated. By constantly surrounding yourself in various environments — the more you experience new things, reinvigorate and wake up your mind. The more abundant and lively the mind is, the more creative juices it produce.

“If before you only see one side of the painting, now you can see the whole piece facing you.”

2. Travel makes you more open-minded

Whenever you unleash yourself outside your comfort zone, whether it be local or in foreign lands, you’re able to exercise your cognitive flexibility and dig through your depth of thought.

That’s because now you’re able to see firsthand what the world offers and you’re able to interact with different types of people unlike when you glue yourself on your seat behind the desk. Connecting with other people and getting a glimpse of their lives form a bond between the two of you, and lead you to a pathway you’re hesitant to take before.

It broadens your general perspective. If before you only see one side of the painting, now you can see the whole piece facing you. The more you understand other people and other places’ culture, the more your mind grasps and experiences reactions that fuel your creative abilities.

3. Travel immerses you in different cultures, traditions and customs

Whenever you travel, take the time to immerse yourself in their culture, traditions, ideology, customs and the likes. Being well-traveled is far from being a true traveler — interacting with the locals and places to form a deep connection.

Those who are able to experience different cultures are likely to go back at work better than before. Seeing things as other cultures see them is ultimately greater than seeing one part of the scope. As you interact with the locals, you get to share ideas, stories and concepts that can fuel and spark your creative mind. Don’t let that opportunity pass.

4. Travel allows you to experience and learn new things

Have you ever been in a tropical country, tried different local street foods or pictured yourself appreciating the infrastructures and local art scenes in places you’d never imagine traveling? There are countless of places to visit and more things to learn and experiences.

These new experiences and learnings you pick up from your travels allow your brain to form new connections which then turns on the creative bulb. It enables you to find more creative ways of thinking.

5. Travel inspires you

Finally, travel in itself inspires you in many ways. Traveling, in one way or another, will open your mind, body and soul to learnings and experiences you’ll never get your hands on behind a desk. Whether it be a day trip or a month-long adventure, travel will inspire you to do better, be the best version of yourself, and ignite the creativity within you. A quick self-discovery journey will make a positive impact in your life.

How about you, in what way did traveling spark your imagination and mold you to be a more complex thinker?

Share your secret with us!

About Chie Suarez

About Chie Suarez

Guest Blogger

Chie Suarez sails from the PH and enjoys travelling with her family and dog. She found her passion for travelling quite late, not to mention she writes for Kims Luxury Accommodation & Romantic Getaways in Toowoon Bay NSW Australia.