Sunshine Holidays on a Shoe-String


JULY, 2016


For many people the annual trip to soak up some sun, sea and sand are a highlight in the year.

Depending on your budget and/or work or financial situation you many not think that getting away is a viable option for you this year. But think again with these tips for getting a sunshine holiday on a shoe-string budget.

1. Packing

First of all, the golden rule is to pack light! Don’t be one of those people that starts stockpiling summer clothes for your holidays (booked or otherwise) as soon as the January Sales roll around. Chances are you have enough summer clothes lying at the back of your wardrobe to fill a carry-on suitcase or backpack, meaning you can get away without paying extra for a bag on your flight or buying yet more holiday clothes that you won’t need. Check out Vogue’s 2016 capsule summer wardrobe for the kind of things to take to make sure you look chic and stylish still. Maybe don’t use the buying guide though, otherwise there is no way you’ll be affording that holiday!

2. Relax

Next, weigh up what you really want from the holiday. While clubbing and drinking every night is often seen as a holiday norm, ideally you want to come back relaxed and refreshed from your break.

If you are going to somewhere sunny and lovely, then get outside, soak up some sunshine and see what the day will bring without pre-committing yourself to expensive nighttime plans. Don’t forget you can party anywhere, but sea-swimming outside is a bit trickier to arrange! You don’t want to come home with the main impression of your holidays being a night-club!

3. Keep it simple

If you really are a tight budget, then try not to get sucked into elaborate group plans. While massive group holidays when you are a school-leaver can be fun, as you get older smaller more laid-back holidays can be the way forward, and since you won’t be catering for multiple people’s needs, simpler to arrange too.

If you are travelling with just a friend or a significant other you can share a room reasonably which will bring down the costs. Or if you are confident single traveller, why not live life on the edge and wait on tenterhooks for that unbelievable last minute deal? Many hotels will lower their prices close to the reservation time if they have empty rooms to try and recoup some of their costs and the same goes for airlines, so do keep a look out.

4. All-in-one & Last Minute

Or how about considering a package holiday? You may think that package holidays are too pricy and it is cheaper to book it yourself separately, but this is not always the case. Many package holiday operators often have agreements with hotels, and since they are buying rooms in bulk this can help keep costs low. Add into this your food budget, airport transfers and the security that your holiday is ATOL protected, and you really can get a good deal. If you do go down the package holiday route, then try and choose a tour operator that is a specialist to the area too; for holidays to the Med check out Mark Warner packages as they exclusively run holidays to the Mediterranean meaning they can really help ensure the best deal. Still not convinced? If you have flexible holidays, just keep your eye out for last minute package holiday deals and you really can bag the bargain of the year.

5. Glamping

Still yearning to save pennies? Have you considered glamping it up in style? If you are planning a shorter break of 3-4 days then a peaceful camping holiday could be just the thing, and a great way to go back to basics. European camp sites are pro with the amenities that you need, with many boasting wifi and charging stations nowadays.

Italy in particular is a great spot for some camping with nearly 900 Euro-camping accredited campsites throughout the country. From the beach, to the lakes, to the mountains and oh-so fashionable cities, take your pick! With lightweight tents available you can fly out with them easily or even just rent one from the campsite as you prefer. Check out the official Euro-camping site for Italy here.

6. Get to the Mountains

Speaking of the mountains, how about a summertime mountain holiday? Ski resorts that are bustling and pricy metropolis’ in wintertime, become dopey mountain towns by summer, and as such the chalets see their prices slashed. The southern-Alps across France are particularly cheap in the summer months, yet are blessed weather-wise with glorious sunshine, fresh Alpine air and of course absolutely breath-taking views. If you’d rather a peaceful mountain retreat than a crowded seaside town for your bargain holiday then do consider looking up summertime chalet holidays.

If you really are desperate for a sunshine holiday, but looking at your piggy bank it looks unlikely, then don’t lose hope. If you’re home isn’t blessed with balmy summer sunshine, then travelling abroad is cheaper and easier than ever, and a change of scene can do the world of good. So get planning, make your budget and stick to it! Oh, and enjoy that sunshine!

How about you, in what way did you travel with a limited budget?

Share your experience with us!

About Latresa McLain

About Latresa McLain

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Latresa McLain has an HND in Travel & Tourism Management and has constantly itchy feet. Coming from a particularly wet corner of England, when she’s not travelling, she spends her time working in tourism and as a travel rep in the Med.