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How does London compare with Amsterdam? [Infographic]

Both cities are popular for tourism. You may enjoy beautiful canal sights in Amsterdam or visit the world class museums in London.You may travel by bike or by bus.You may prefer a crowded city to a quieter and relaxing one.Where do you think will be the best place regarding Galleries,Theatre,Cafe’s, entertainment ?

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5 Advice For Art Tourism

Culture is a very important part of any trip, therefore visiting museums, art galleries and various exhibitions is a must to get a wide view over the local aspects of human culture. Here are 5 Tips for Art Tourism.

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Dos and Don’ts: Table Manner around the World [Infographic]

Do you know that it’s impolite to use a fork to transfer food to your mouth in Thailand? We all say “Cheers!” with beer, but don’t do that in Hungary. Every country has its own table manners. Learning more can help you better understanding the culture and avoid embarrassments.

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