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This is your chance to be part of our site. Do you have what it takes to write for GenYTravel? Then you could become a GenYTravel.com guest blogger.

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We’re looking for guest bloggers to help fill our site with interesting and informative articles and opinions. We want original, exciting and interesting posts on any of the many areas covered by the Gen Y Travel, from personal experiences to news and reviews.

We particularly like: unusual stuff, list posts done creatively, artwork, photos, infographics, videos, anything topical, funny writing, genuinely useful and interesting content. We know you can do it!

We like excellence in writing, unique ideas that aren’t a re-hash of what’s already out there, and content that is, quite frankly, amazing. It might be a how-to, a tutorial, something inspiring, or great advice. We like blog posts that:

  • Are well-written.
  • Not shallow or too short (Intro, body, conclusion. 800 – 1000 words).
  • Are useful to our readers (tell a story, use example, or give specific actionable things they can do after reading).
  • Fit with the content of this blog and include several links to our own blog posts (means you’re spending time and reading our blog).
  • Are written first and foremost for sharing incredibly useful information with our readers, with linkbacks and SEO secondary motivations.

There’s a complete style guide for you to get an idea of what we are after once you have successfully become our bloggers.



It’s simple, really. We’re not looking for:

  • Shady get-rich-quick or get-300%-increase-in-followers-in-one-day type posts.
  • Recycled, duplicate and over-used content.
  • Generic non-specific posts.
  • Sloppy grammar and writing.

Most guest posts are rejected because of poor writing, or overly generic content that has nothing new, nothing specific, and no real value to readers. If your post has nothing specific for readers to take away, is full of generalities, and adds nothing new that hasn’t been said before, do not submit it here.

Email [email protected] with your pitches – submissions we are excited by will receive replies.

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