What is GenYTravel Blog?

With GenYTravel Blog, you join a global community of explorers who share inspiring stories on GenYTravel. As you write more stories, you access more levels of benefits available only to GenYTravel Bloggers.


What topics should I write about?

  1. Travel Startups
  2. Travel Gadgets
  3. Inspiring travel stories
  4. Useful Resources for Travellers
  5. + Any topic that you are passionate about


How can I become a GenYTravel Blogger?

Sign up for GenYTravel Blogger, then start writing high-quality blog posts. You can write your posts on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Once you’ve signed up, it may take up to 72 hours to begin receiving emails from [email protected].


What do you mean by high-quality blog post?

A high-quality blog post provides values to our community, not just an interesting post.


I’m a business owner. Can I be involved in GenYTravel Blog?

While GenYTravel Blog is for consumers, business owners that meet the criteria are allowed to participate as individual members of the reviewing community. Soliciting reviews for a particular business or self-promotion (through discounts, collateral, etc.) to GenYTravel Blog in any capacity is prohibited, including but not limited to online and offline GenYTravel Blog community activities, events, and forums. Individuals found to be violating this prohibition may be expelled from GenYTravel Blog.


Are there any restrictions about who can be a GenYTravel Blogger?

No, GenYTravel Blog is a global program for talented people from all over the world. But we do have constraint on languages. Only blogs posts in English are accepted.


Will you send me money, reimburse me, or pay for my blog post?

No. At this time, GenYTravel cannot pay for expenses associated with your blog. However, as a GenYTravel blogger, you enjoy a lot of non-monetary benefits.


As a GenYTravel blogger, am I allowed to accept freebies (meals, etc.) or special treatment (discounts, etc.) from a business?

No. You should not accept money or product(s) from a business to write a blog post about them on GenYTravel.

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