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Any content that you submit to us for consideration must meet these extremely important guidelines. As a serious content creator, we’re sure you will understand:

  • No paid-for content, including affiliate links, paid-for links, anchor-text-keyword shenanigans, sponsored posts, paid-for reviews, press releases, advertorials, excessive self-promotion, et. al.
  • Your content must be completely original.
  • You must own the copyright to all associated images or other materials.
  • Your content must never have been (or will be) published elsewhere.
  • We do not pay guest writers for their content.
  • We do not accept payment to run your post on our blog.
  • Posts must be written in good English.

We will not accept posts with any questionable content. We will remove links from the body of your post if we feel that they are suspect.



It’s important to submit a post that’s ready to go.

Post: You should email the HTML of your post as a plain text file (no Word files, please), including any image(s) with it. It should be formatted and ready to be put directly into WordPress. Your post should have no H1 tags within the body, but should use at least H2. It should have paragraphs, headings, and be proofed. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar should be impeccable.

(Contact GYT Happiness Team if you need technical support)

Headline: Include a headline. Please read our STYLE GUIDE for ideas on creating great headlines.

Bio: You may include a bio of up to three sentences. We allow you to include two links. These two links should link to your blog or a legitimate website of similar content of our site that you are a part of, or a social media account. They should not link to any site you are being paid to promote, or any site promoting loans, shopping, etc. We reserve the right to request a different link if we find the link questionable.


We reserve the right to edit your headline, post, and bio so that it fits with our blog. We will also edit the formatting to fit our blog style for tweets, quotes, and questions. If we like your post but feel it needs work, we’ll give you an opportunity to do so.



If you accept these publishing guidelines and have a great blog post ready, send an email to [email protected] and attach the post to the email (not in the body) as a text file in HTML, as well as the image(s) that need to accompany it.
We can’t wait to work with you!


Download GYT Blogger-Voluntary Position Description (Updated: 22-9-2015)